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The Twines

The Twines is a novel series set in a series of alternate, parallel universes, each of which signify an attempt at reaching a true, perfect world.

Featuring a woven span of many species, striking main characters, intricate story-lines, and unique settings, each individual book in The Twines shows a new aspect of the one true tale contained within, revealing more and more, until the secrets of the ancient past are revealed in all their grandeur.

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Our tale follows the story of a family line destinied for greatness, the weaving of forbidden fates, and ultimately a war against the supernatrual that decides the fate of not only one world, but countless thousands. From eldritch spirits, global conspiracy and cold-blooded murder to a world where animals that walk on two legs, the Twines is a gripping, high-stakes adventure taking after some of the greatest storytellers of our time.


The Twines

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